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Watch experts discuss clinical information about CAPLYTA

Clinicians explain details about treatment with CAPLYTA for adult patients with schizophrenia. More videos, including 1:1 interviews with experts, are available to watch here.

Assessing the impact of CAPLYTA on the symptoms of schizophrenia

Watch Gregory W. Mattingly, MD present efficacy results from the 2 CAPLYTA clinical trials.

Gregory W. Mattingly, MD

How does CAPLYTA impact metabolic and endocrine parameters, particularly weight?

See Gregory W. Mattingly, MD explain the impact CAPLYTA may have on metabolic and endocrine parameters.

Amber R. Hoberg, PMHNP

Exploring the safety and tolerability profile of CAPLYTA

Hear Amber R. Hoberg, PMHNP share the short- and long-term safety and tolerability data for CAPLYTA.

Watch more expert-led videos or attend a speaker program about CAPLYTA